Lewis Hamilton

Silverstone British Grand Prix, will it see a home winner?

Taking his third victory of the season, Red Bull's Sebastian Vettel secured another podium after winning the Canadian Grand Prix on 9 June with a time of 1:32:09.143.Coming in second and third places were Ferrari's Fernando Alonso and Mercedes driver, Lewis Hamilton. Johnny is excited to see the Formula 1 Santander British Grand Prix taking place on home soil at Silverstone on 30 June.

With practice sessions on Friday and Saturday, spectators will watch the qualifying at 13:00 on 29 June ahead of Sunday's race. Herbert is intrigued to see if British racers Hamilton and Button will be spurred on by the support from the home crowd and take a first place on the podium, commenting; 'Racing on home soil always brings a new level of competitiveness out in you; this is your home and you feel a sense of duty to do your country proud. So it will be interesting to see if Lewis Hamilton or Jenson Button bring home a first place position on the podium on the 30th June.

I'llbe supporting them 100% and will be watching with bated breathe as I'm sure the rest of the country will be as well.'