Monaco Grand Prix

The Prestigious Monaco Grand Prix

Using the streets of Monte Carlo, the Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most well-known and prestigious tracks. Johnny commented that the track is one of his favourites and that he is 'extremely excited to watch and commentate on the 2013 Monaco Grand Prix race!'

This track is the crown jewel of Formula 1 and is also one of the oldest; the first race was way back in 1929! Racing the twisty and narrow streets of Monte Carlo, the track truly challenges the driver's abilities.

As the track is so bendy, driver's are only ever at full-throttle for no more than 8 seconds at a time, changing gears 54 times per lap, Johnny stresses how much skill and concentration is required for this race. With a shorter distance, drivers have to complete 78 laps of this stunning track, and Johnny cannot wait to watch every single one!

With the legendary Ayrton Senna taking victory 6 times, and holding the record, this track has challenged the very greatest drivers. Johnny will be bringing you all the action with Sky Sports this weekend (23-26 May). Who will succeed in 2013?

Practice laps: 23 and 25 May.
Race Day: 26 May, 14.00