Michael Schumacher

Johnny wishes Michael Schumacher a speedy recovery

After hearing the news this week about the horrific skiing accident Michael Schumacher had, Johnny is very eager to wish his thoughts to Michael’s friends and family. Johnny was quick to take to social media to send his message: “Shocking news on the 7 time F1 Champion Michael Schumacher. The strength you showed on track will get you through this mate.”

The German former Formula One driver, who turns 45 on Friday, suffered critical head injuries when he fell and struck a rock on Sunday while skiing on a family holiday in the French Alps. His agent confirmed that the accident cracked his helmet, which doctors credited for giving him a chance of surviving. Earlier, Ms Kehm said: "It looks like probably on initiating a corner, he was hitting a stone which he had not seen and was catapulted down on a rock."

He was taken first to a local hospital, then to Grenoble University Hospital, which is recognised as having one of France's best neurology teams. Michael’s condition is stable and he is under constant surveillance by doctors.

Johnny tweeted on New Year’s Eve “Let's hope this is the start of Michaels fight back” and would like everyone to think of Michael at this difficult time.